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Liz Bakes

Hi there,

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Liz, and as you’ve probably figured out if you’re here - I bake (and I love it). I grew up admiring both of my grandmothers in their kitchens and learning everything I know from them. I started to use baking as a way to relax or make friends when I moved from Flagstaff for Tucson for my undergrad nearly 10 years ago and haven't stopped since.

Since then, I’ve baked in coffee shops and restaurants, and I am so happy to officially be doing it on my own terms, in my own space.

Liz Bakes is queer-owned, cottage kitchen certified and baked locally & thoughtfully in Tucson, AZ.


My Terms

community focused

Supporting local matters! I am lucky to partner with other women-owned businesses in Tucson & to bake for folks like you (yes, you reading this).


intentionally baked

Good baking takes time, care, and can be a little messy. Ingredients are as locally sourced as possible, drawing inspiration from the community around me.


have fun & enjoy the process

That doesn’t just go for me - that also means that I am all about food that makes you feel good and food that is fun to eat. From the moment you order to the moment you take your last bite - ordering from Liz Bakes is an enjoyable experience.

You name it - I bake it

Seriously... just ask!

I bake a little bit of everything - pop tarts, cakes, cookies, pies, cheesecakes, vegan, gluten free.. You name it, I can probably bake it. Oh, and I’d love to bake for your upcoming small event! That baby shower you got tricked into planning? I’ll take care of the cupcakes for it. Feel free to contact me to chat more and look at the online menu for seasonal options!

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